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Noble Families in Tibet (1900-1951)
Authored by Cering Yangzoin, the book tells of the history of Tibetan noble families and their members. In Tibet, the noble class played an important role to the introduction and development of the social system in Tibet. This is particularly true with the segment of history after the Yuan Dynasty incorporated Tibet into the Chinese map. The hereditary life of these noble families got closer to the political and economic system of the local government of Tibet before the advent of the 1950s.

Before the publication of this book, there are only two books published by the Tibet People¡¯s Publishing House that tell of the life of the Tibetan noble families¡ªA General Survey of the TAR and Nobles and Government of Tibet (1728-1959) written by an Italian and translated into Chinese by Li Youyi.

As not many archives and related records are available for the study of this issue, and as the number of people who know these dwindles, the author of the book tells the history between the early days of last century and the 1950s. The book approaches the issue from the cultural angle, and is complete with on-the-spot investigation and interviews with historical people.
Japanese Invasion of Tibet in Modern Times
¡¡¡¡   Authored by Qin Yongzhang, the book is the first one of its kind published in and outside China, that deals with, in a comparatively comparative way, the historical ties between modern Japan (1868-1945) and China¡¯s Tibet. The book is based on many first-hand historical materials taken from the Japanese archives, expounding the history how the Japanese infiltrated into and invaded China¡¯s Tibet from the end of the 19th century to the mid-20th century. It will help readers understand the fact that the ¡°Tibetan issue¡± is the product of imperialist invasion of China in modern history. The 32 mo book, running to 250,000 words and priced at 15.50 Yuan per copy, has been published by the China Tibetology Publishing House.

Dictionary on Tibetan Medicine and Calendaring
The dictionary in Tibetan is compiled jointly by the Gansu Provincial Tibetan Medicine Research Institute and the Gannan Prefectural Tibetan Medicine Research Institute.

It is fact that Tibetan medicine can not be separated from Tibetan calendaring. However, no dictionary was available for the study of the two in the past. The recently published dictionary therefore fills in the blank in the world history of Tibetan medicine.

This dictionary is the result of studying more than 1,000 works on Tibetan medicine, taking in some 7,000 entries treated in the Tibetan alphabic way. It is the first dictionary on Tibetan medicine and calendaring available today.

Changes in Tibet
Authored by Zhang Xiaoping, a senior reporter, the book vividly tells of development and changes in Lhasa, and records how the soul boy of the late 10th Panchen Erdeni was found and confirmed and how the Gandain Monastery was repaired. Meanwhile, the book carries stories about noted people including Zai Junjie, director of Stories of Tibet, and Guisang, female mountaineer, as well as stories about the Sichuan-Tibet Highway, and what happened in Xigaze and Ngari.

Having read the book, many readers say they have been taken into Tibet by the book which they add helps them gain a better understanding of Tibet and know more of the beautiful landscapes of Tibet. 

The 32 mo book, running to 240,000 words and priced at 19.00 Yuan per copy, has been published by the China Tibetology Publishing House.
Selected Stamps Collected by Wei Ke
Co-authored by Li Jiajun and Wei Ke, this book contains stamps Wei Ke has collected over the past few decades. These stamps are shown in different chapters, such as ¡°Oh, How Beautiful the Plateau in My Mind,¡± ¡°What the Old Stamps Tell Me,¡± ¡°Unforgettable Journey,¡± ¡°New Lives of the Tibetans¡± and ¡°Tibet Which Is Always in My Dream¡±. Each of the stamps is good enough to tell a story.

The 16 mo book, running to 50,000 words and priced at 36.50 Yuan per copy, has been published by the China Tibetology Publishing House.
Selected Poems on Tibet
Authored by Gao Ping, the book contains poems that tell of the history to the effect that during the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), the central court granted official titles to the Tibetan monks, introduced the system of High Commissioners stationed in Tibet, sent troops to the southwestern border, fought Korga invaders, and adopted a series of measures for rule over Tibet that led to increased population. Most of the poems were written by government or military officials. The 32 mo book, running to 156,000 words and priced at 16.50 Yuan per copy, has been published by the China Tibetology Publishing House.
Tibet in the 1950s-1960s
The is a pictorial compiled by Chen Zonglie, who worked as a photographer of Tibet Day for 25 years. During this period, he visited the rural areas, the livestock breeding area and cities. His works cover social changes, the first success of Tibet mountaineers in dwarfing the Qomolangma, and other historic events. Many of his works were on view in national or international photo shows. The pictorial contains Chen¡¯s 352 photos. The 16 mo pictorial, with illustrations that run to 120,000 words and priced at 48 Yuan per copy, has been published by the China Tibetology Publishing House.
Fine Art Works on Tibet
This is the masterpiece of Meng Ganlu. It depicts, with fine art works and well-written captions, the colorful life of Tibet, including its folklore. It covers such fields as society, history, religion, culture and folklore. All the works are crystal of the author¡¯s experience in Tibet. The 24 mo book, running to 100,000 words and priced at 26 Yuan per copy, has been published by the Tibet People¡¯s Publishing House.

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