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Studies of Historical Archives Written in Tibetan

The historical archives in Tibetan language, particularly historical records, have a long history and are abundant. In accordance with the method of recording, the form of an archive varies in its use of characters, illustrations, language, and the art of engraving. By focusing on historical archives in Tibetan, Hua Lin (the author) devotes 16 chapters to narrating the content of the original historical archives written in Tibetan, the official historical archives and the distribution and development of those archives. The book costs 29 Yuan and is published by Yunnan University Publishing House.


A Series of Books on Tibetan Buddhist Cultural Phenomena


A series of books, describing different aspects of the topic, systematically and extensively introduce the cultural phenomena of Tibetan Buddhism. Published by the Qinghai People's Publishing House.

Book 1: "Smilingly picking up the followers - the philosophical ideology of Tibetan Buddhism".

While studying the original material and physically practicing Tibetan Buddhist ideology, the author (Palpal Dorje) gives his insights on religion, culture, and philosophy. He has translated the material and narrated its fundamental contents and characteristics, as well as the origins of the theory and development of different religious sects in Tibetan Buddhism. In particular the author uses modern western philosophy to explain Tibetan Buddhism, which is actually a very valuable aspect. It costs 20 Yuan.

Book 2: "Under the Bodhi Tree - the Cultural Aspects of Tibetan Buddhism"


In describing the whole process of the spread of basic Tibetan Buddhist culture to its peripheral culture, the author (Tanor) draws a comparison between the two cultures and analyzes how the former impacts upon and integrates with the peripheral culture. Then he teases out the significant values and special functions of Tibetan Buddhist culture towards its peripheral culture. The book costs 18 Yuan.

Book 3: "The Rainbow - Miraculous Phenomena of Tibetan Esoteric Buddhism"


The author, Dondrup Tsering, believes the core of Tibetan Buddhism is its esoteric aspect, which is a professional approach to meditation and reflects the superior wisdom and lifestyle of the ethnic inhabitants of the snow-land. Generally speaking, only those persons who are already equipped with this knowledge and have certain prerequisites could truly practice such meditation. The book enables the readers to have a detailed grasp of what Tibetan esoteric Buddhism is about by clearly illustrating the origins, evolution, religious doctrines, ritual activities, techniques of meditation and the contents of Tibetan esoteric Buddhism. The book costs 24 Yuan.

Book 3: "The Wheel of Life - the Reincarnation System of Tibetan Buddhism".


The Tibetan Buddhist system of reincarnation is a system that contains a mysterious and complex religious doctrine, and it also discourages conspiracy and cheating due to the individual's desire for the quick success and benefits that usually occur in the profane world. For Tibetans, the valuable Buddhist reincarnation system is a fundamental belief of the Tibetan people. In this book, the author (Lozang Wangda) provides information about the origins of the system of reincarnation and the role it plays in both the profane and sacred worlds. He also vividly narrates the history, ritual activities, rules and procedures of the reincarnation system of Tsongkhapa. The book costs 17 Yuan.

Book 4: "The Road toward Enlightenment - Careers of Eminent Tibetan Buddhist Figures"


In this book, the author Zhou Wei, by presenting clear and detailed portraits of living examples, introduces 10 eminent Tibetan Buddhist figures. The author briefly outlines stories about their studies, meditation, death, reincarnation and work as well as their profound knowledge and wisdom. In particular, he illustrates their personalities and their individual paths to enlightenment. The book costs 18 Yuan.

Book 5: "Ascetic Practices and Delight - the Lives of Tibetan Monks"


 Ling Shiqun, in the book, introduces you to enter the deep - seated world of Tibetan monks by observing their current lives in terms of material and spiritual experience. The author also peeks into their visions and spontaneous thoughts from their hearts, enabling you to roam about mysterious Tibetan monasteries in your mind.

Book 6: "A Discovery of Patrilineal Tribe in Sangan Village"


Sangan Village, which has a patrilineal system of inheritance, is located between Jinsa River of Sichuan Province and the Tibetan Autonomous Region. The authors (Shui Xiaojie, Fan Hechuan, and Yang Yanan) visited the local community in Sangan Village several times to collect extensive first-hand material and then check numerous historical records relating to the local patrilineral system of inheritance. These give a detailed analysis of the folkloric culture, the religious customs and the unique military watchtowers. The book costs 33 Yuan, and is published by the Youth Publishing House of China.

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* Yunnan University Publishing House, No. 2 North Rd of Cui Lake, Kun Ming, 650091, 86- 871-5033244

* Qinghai People's Publishing House, No 10, Tong Ren Rd. Xi Ning, 810001

* Youth Publishing House of China, No 21 Dong Si 12, Beijing, 100708, 86- 10 - 84035821

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